Yang Chow Review

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Telephone No. 399 37 61

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-10pm

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Another place to definitely try out while passing through Marcos Hi-way is Yang Chow Dimsum & Teahouse! This Chinese family restaurant is part of the list of places my family goes to to dine and celebrate special occasions like birthdays, mother’s day, etc. or if we just want a simple family get-together. That said, the food here are both good AND affordable!

It’s just beside Kingsville Village along Marcos Hi-way. Other landmarks include SM Masinag and Super 8 Supermarket. Parking is adequate, though be ready to stack your car behind other vehicles since the place is almost always packed with people especially at dinner time. Others just park in the sidewalk or even just order take-outs.

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Inside, it’s pretty spacious and the grande Chinese-themed interiors are quite eye-candies. Tables of four, six, eight, ten and twelve are distributed accordingly in both the main dining hall and private rooms. If you’re the type who wants to dine quietly and in peace, noise will probably be an issue here for you. Given that it’s a family restaurant designed to cater to dozens of families all at once, things are going to be a bit loud and busy.

Although the food here is undeniably good, there have been a few instances that customer service isn’t. There was a time when people who came later than us got their order first (same dish we ordered), a time when it took a long time for the bill and change to arrive, and also times when the waiters and waitresses ignored us and hoped for others to entertain us because things were getting too hectic. I can overlook these slight mishaps (but other people won’t), but hopefully they’ll tweak their systems a bit to be more efficient, warm and welcoming.

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Anyway, just a heads up since they only happened once or twice on the many occasions we ate there. The food is that good so we still come back. Here are the usual dishes we order at Yang Chow:

  • Nido Soup w/ Quail Egg (Large) – 200 PHP
  • Roast Pork Asado – 180 PHP
  • Shark’s Fin Dumpling – 65 PHP
  • Chicken Feet (Adidas) – 65 PHP
  • Hakaw – 75 PHP
  • Four Season Scallops Dumpling – 65 PHP
  • Sizzling Beef Tenderloin with Black Pepper Sauce – 280 PHP
  • Yang Chow Fried Rice – 180 PHP

RATING: 8.4/10

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