Vittorio’s Steakhouse Review


32 Scout Borromeo St., South Triangle, Tomas Morato, Quezon City

Tel No. 738 65 64
Mobile No. 0917 350 45 16

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm

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Menu (From Zomato)

An international chef’s resolve to make US Angus steak matched with his passion for steak- that’s what Vittorio’s Steakhouse is all about. After working in different resorts in the United States of America for more than three years, Chef Victor Daluz Jr. established the restaurant bearing his father’s name and personally prepares its specialty steaks. One advocacy is to help the students of Quezon province by making Vittorio’s a place to sell their artworks. You don’t just eat awesome steaks here, but appreciate art as well!

Main Dishes

P61119 134751 8926114 Tomahawk (1.4 kg) with Family Steak Rice and Mixed Green Salad – P3280

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We start with their flagship dish: the 1.4kg Tomahawk! Using top-notch steaks procured from the US and cooked to perfection by veteran chef Victor himself, you can never go wrong with this one. A single order is already good for a group of four to six and is served with Mixed Green Salad and their original Family Steak Rice. The steak is phenomenal: cut into thin mouth-watering slices with the fat cooked similarly to fried pork rind, the contrast of ‘melts in your mouth’ and the crunchiness paired with the delectable sauce made with and by the dish makes it a dangerous thing to behold. The Family Steak Rice is not to be taken lightly either as it tastes similarly to the steak! This is probably the most sinful thing I ate without regret in ages.

P61119 133327 7006161 Pan Seared Hanging Tender with Salad – P385

P61119 131844 5787042 P61119 131921 2466928
Green & Spinach Salad w/ Apple & Feta Cheese in Honey Mustard Dressing – P210, Buffalo Wings – P210

P61119 132909 6122178 P61119 133102 1366825
Seafood Linguine – P320, Fish Fillet Gratin w/ Rice – P270

As always, it’s good to begin the meal with salad appetizers. They add a twist to theirs with spinach and feta cheese. The Pan Seared Hanging Tender, cooked medium rare with salad and a wine-esque tasting sauce, is a good choice to start off with their quality steaks. Packed with hefty servings of shrimp, blue mussel, clam and garlic bread, the Seafood Linguine definitely lives up to its name. But if you’re looking for a light yet equally satisfying meal, the Fish Fillet Gratin with Rice won’t disappoint. Long story short, it’s another luscious ‘melts in your mouth’ experience. But my best among these ‘steak appetizers’ is their Buffalo Wings. As an avid fan of said wings, I can say that the taste, how tender and juicy theirs is places them up there in the list!

Milk Shakes

P61119 131837 4010067 P61119 132048 6870805 P61119 132951 6853228
Strawberry / Choco / Vanilla Milk Shake – P120

If eating steaks aren’t sinful enough for you, pair them up with these tall-glassed milk shakes. ????


P61119 145220 9500153 Apple Pudding w/ Vanilla Ice Cream – P175

P61119 144937 6822404 P61119 145705 9344566 P61119 145132 8768302
Good Shepherd Ube Ice Cream – P140, Dark Chocolate Cake – P168, Cookie Dough Ice Cream – P140

Even for steak lovers, a meal ain’t complete without desserts. And Vittorio’s offers quite a unique set of sweets to choose from: the Baguio-based and nuns-made Good Shepherd Ube Ice Cream, the pastillas-tasting and yummy Cookie Dough Ice Cream, and the scrumptious Apple Pudding with Vanilla Ice Cream. They’re all delicious and recommended, but everyone’s favorite was the Dark Chocolate Cake. It was too obvious when everyone glared at it the moment the waiter placed it on the table lol. For P168, and if compared to other dark chocolate cakes at the same price, it blows the others out of the water.

P61119 145542 1414233 P61119 145117 9649405

P61119 145441 6784361 P61120 024613 8094442

Overall, considering Vittorio’s as a legit steak haven is a no-brainer. It’s pretty accessible considering their branch to be around the Tomas Morato and Timog area in Quezon City, and there’s quite a number of parking slots to boot! If you’re up for a private party and want to reserve the place, you can do that too! Just contact them using the details I posted above. Happy eating, everyone!

RATING: 8.8/10

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