[VIDEO] All Yotsuyu Cutscenes from 4.0 | FFXIV Stormblood

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Ah, Yotsuyu- everyone’s favorite sadistic acting imperial viceroy of Doma. Even before Final Fantasy XIV’s latest expansion Stormblood dropped, players were already excited about her. This is due to a short footage of her shown in the trailer where she steps on our good Gosetsu while he writhes in pain on the floor.

What made this birth a cult following was that she was beautiful, wears a pretty kimono (where a bit of her thigh is exposed as she steps on Gosetsu, also knowing the fact he can see her undergarments if he wanted to), smokes a pipe, and most of all, being and doing all those with a sadistic smile and smexy voice.

Also adding to her appeal is her very tragic (and quite realistic) backstory where it would make one pity her despite all the senseless deaths and despair she has wrought to her own people, all for her enjoyment.

You will hate her for the things she did, pity her for what happened to her, admire her for her fashion sense (and perfect eyeliner game), and finally love her for being a perfect villain that made Stormblood great.

That said, I was able to compile all the cutscenes she’s in at patch 4.0 (Stormblood base game) for everyone’s amusement. It’s a no-brainer that spoilers are imminent so watch at your own risk!

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