[VIDEO] Final Fantasy XIV Savage – From Exdeath to Neo Exdeath


A month of learning the raid after clearing Omega Deltascape 3.0 (Savage), we finally were able to grace the current hardest fight of Final Fantasy XIV! Exdeath (Savage), supposed to be only a trash fight or a DPS check if you may, seemed like a full-fledged raid on its own to us!

We particularly had trouble handling the black holes and tried doing both the middle and north strategies, but we ultimately settled for the latter. The lag didn’t help either- thanks, PLDC and broken underwater sea cables!

Looking forward to our future wipes (not) with Neo Exdeath. Hopefully we’ll clear it within weeks!

Here’s the video:

Here are some of our initial wipes with Neo Exdeath, with only the theme song playing in the background. If you’d like to see my entire Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood OST collection, click here.

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