SM Cherry Antipolo? Check Out the New Mall in Town!

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It’s been more than a year where we would see our beloved Cherry Foodarama grocery closed. But last June 30, 2017, they finally opened their doors again- newer, better, and now under SM management!

Cherry Foodarama started in the early 1950s and is considered to be a pioneer in the grocery business, with loyal customers happy for their low prices for both local and imported brands. Though it looks like the times have changed and Cherry Foodarama wasn’t able to catch up. Before it could fade into oblivion, SM acquired the one-stop-shop grocery chain mid-2015 and since has re-opened all the branches to SM Cherry.

The new three-level SM Cherry Antipolo has a gross floor area of 27,000 square meters. What was once just a supermarket with a few specialty stores here and there has now fully transformed into a mall! Officially the 63rd mall of SM and treated as the little brother of SM Masinag, you can find here a supermarket, dine-in restaurants, food stalls, apparel, toys, service and miscellaneous shops, among many others.

SM Cherry Antipolo? Check Out the New Mall in Town!

Photo on left is from Glendabelle’s blog / 213 multi-level parking slots

Notable shops include their signature SM Supermarket, Ace Hardware, Watsons, BDO Unibank, Japan Home Centre, National Book Store, PC Express, Penshoppe and Bench. There are foodie places like Giligan’s, the pastry shop Honey Bear, Bibingkinitan!, Jollibee, Dunkin’ Donuts, Turks and a lot more! For convenience, their parking is multi-level. Service shops include optical shops, massage parlors, beauty salons and a mini-cyberzone for both phones and computers. There’s also a bills payment center.

Do look out for the upcoming open-area Sky Garden! It’s still under construction as of this posting though.

Their supermarket is quite big though smaller than the one in SM Masinag. They offer almost the same products nonetheless. Note that there’s no international section. They have imported products, but have been placed along with the local ones. Just outside the supermarket are light-to-the-pocket foodstalls such as Santino’s, Buko Twist, Goto ni Juan, Paotsin and Zagu.

SM Cherry Antipolo? Check Out the New Mall in Town!

We weren’t able to roam every nick and corner of SM Cherry Antipolo, but I’m both quite satisfied and impressed with the place. Besides it having most of the necessities a person would go for in a mall (grocery, clothes, food, hardware, banking, health and body, tech and gadgets, etc.), there’s ample parking- 213 slots!

A couple of the store areas haven’t been occupied yet, but I’m looking forward to what they’ll be along with the promising Sky Garden. I also recommend trying out the Honey Bear pastry shop- that’s where we hung out on our first visit there. Their specialty breads, milk tea and pudding are delicious!

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