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Telephone No. 404 84 42
Mobile No. 0917 870 32 82

Business Hours: Mon-Thurs, 11am-10pm | Fri-Sun 11am-11pm

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Resuming our ramen adventure since Tamagoya and Nihonbashi Tei, we now march on to Ryu Ramen!

Ryuramen1 8332285 Curry Ramen – 330 PHP

It’s located along Tomas Morato, QC just near the intersecting streets of Sct. Delgado and Sct. Lazcano.

Ryuramen2 2955250

Ryuramen3 2420035

The place quite speaks an air of pseudo-Japanese authenticity, having ambient lights and minimalistic wooden interior designs showcase that traditional Japanese feel: clean and organized. Upon ordering your desired dishes, your meals shall be served after around 10-15 minutes. Their best sellers include the Curry Ramen and Curry Katsu– which I highly suggest you order on your first time here.

Ryuramen5 9538615

Ryuramen6 2591350 Katsu Curry – 270 PHP

I ordered the Curry Ramen per Karen’s suggestion (that’s what she ordered as well) while Joal got his usual Curry Katsu. To be honest, I initially thought ramen having curry flavor would be weird, but all those negative thoughts poofed into non-existence as I tasted the soup, noodles and pork: it was uber-delicious! A big bowl of this unique ramen is something I’d definitely spend 300 php for. I’d even go far as to say the Curry Ramen would be Tamagoya’s Stamina Ramen‘s long lost curry brother.

Ryuramen7 9207691

I got a taste of the Curry Katsu and loved it as well! It had a distinct different curry taste than the ramen, but delicious in its own way. It’s stylized like how you see curry rice meals in anime- with the rice on one side topped by the katsu, and the other half of the plate gets filled with the curry sauce and veggies. I guess I’ll try this one on my next visit here.

The place can accommodate around fifteen groups of four at once so queuing is not a problem. Parking though, is another thing. It is Tomas Morato / Timog, after all. But if you’re used to visiting the place, then time to head on here if you haven’t yet!

Ryuramen8 5693933

RATING: 8.4/10

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