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Greetings! This is your licensed financial advisor of Pru Life UK, Richard Senga.
I wish to share with you a wonderful way to secure and augment your hard-earned money:


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With Pru Life UK’s life insurance products, you will feel at ease knowing you and your family are financially protected when the unexpected happens- such as critical illness, accident and disability.

At the same time, the money you will allot will be invested in stocks and bonds by our top-tier fund managers, returning your money to you with interest. Eliminate these life-changing risks and be protected while having your money grow more than ever than just letting it sit in the bank!

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Continuous pay; lifetime coverage; biggest protection and fund value ratio

Benefit Details:

1.) Sum Assured – amount given when the insured passes away
2.) Disability (TPD) – amount given when insured is deemed totally and permanently disabled
3.) Disease (CCB) – amount given when insured is diagnosed with the 16 CCB illnesses
4.) Disease (LCB) – amount given when insured is diagnosed with the 32 LCB illnesses
5.) Accident (ADD) – amount given when insured gets disabled or passes away due to accident
6.) Accident (ATPD) – amount given when insured gets totally and permanently disabled due to accident
7.) Accident (M&A) – amount given when insured is murdered (or had attempted murder)
8.) Accident (AMR) – max. amount given when insured incurs medical expenses from accidental injuries
9.) Hospital (HIR) – amount given per day the insured spends at the hospital
10.) Waiver on TPD – if insured is deemed TPD, Pru Life UK will pay the future premiums

One-time pay; no protection, only death benefit; purely investment

*Fund Value is your ‘money’ in your Pru Life UK account, withdrawable anytime
*All packages are based on a 25-year-old male, values will differ with age
*Products are flexible- the packages prepared here are customized by the agent
*All Fund Value projections are based on 10% market performance and are not guaranteed
*Pru Life UK Equity Fund’s yearly average since inception in 2007 is 17.21%


Thank you for taking the time to read! There are more wonderful things life insurance has, and if you want to talk more about Pru Life UK, our services, or if you already want to get a policy, you can contact me here:

Richard Senga, Pru Life UK Financial Advisor
Mobile: 0918 959 20 45
Email: [email protected]


Pru Life UK was established in the Philippines in 1996 (21 years) as a life insurance company, and is a subsidiary of United Kingdom-based financial services giant Prudential PLC. Pioneering the sale of variable unit linked (VUL) products in 2002 and one of the first approved to market US dollar-denominated policies, Pru Life UK is among the leading insurers in the industry.


Established in 1848 (169 years), Prudential PLC has an extensive network of life insurance and mutual funds operations around the world, active in the United Kingdom (UK), Europe, the United States and in Asia. It has 24 million insurance customers worldwide and manages £509 billion in assets as of December 2015.

Prudential plc Headquarters in London / Pru Life UK Branch Opening in Manila

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Disclaimer: this article is made by Richard Senga and is not an official presentation of Pru Life UK.

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