[Overwatch] Sombra and Her Animated Short: Infiltration


After a very long wait for the infamous Sombra (well, Blizzard has been giving hints about her since launch and even sparked an internet war between fans on who she really is), we finally get to see her in full high-definition 3D glory in her very own animated short entitled ‘Infiltration’. Watch:

Sombra3 213x300 7969955 On the left we have Sombra’s debut photo that broke the Overwatch internet a few days ago, which was supposedly ‘accidentally’ leaked on Blizzard’s official merchandise store and then reposted by a Reddit user. The art is signed by John Polidora, who also happens to be the Senior Concept Artists/Character Designer at Blizzard Entertainment.

“Sombra is an unidentified individual operating out of Dorado whose skills include computer hacking and cryptography. She is a known associate of Reaper, specializing in espionage and intelligence assessment. It seems that she may have infiltrated LumériCo’s security systems, and the company has gathered information on her as well as Soldier: 76. She was behind a world-wide hacking spree.” –Overwatch Gamepedia

You can also now see her biography, role and abilities at the Overwatch official website:

Sombra1 9525596

Sombra is classified as an offense type with abilities inciting the players to rely on stealth and espionage. Instant teleportation using the Translocator can place you in an enemy’s blind spot. You can then use the Thermoptic Camo to further sneak behind enemy lines, then surprise hostiles by using Hack or EMP to disable them so you (using the Machine Pistol) and your teammates can eliminate most of the opposing team, therefore gaining you the upper hand. Sounds pretty fun. Can’t wait for her!

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