[VIDEO] New Job Actions in FFXIV Stormblood


The upcoming expansion of Final Fantasy XIV, Stormblood, is just around the corner! There are three more weeks to go until the early access. While we wait, Producer Yoshida gave us a sneak-peak video while doing the XVIII Live Letter. This time, the video features some of the new actions for the 15 jobs!

From the looks of it, the most visually notable among all the actions shown are the Summoner’s ability to summon a full-sized Bahamut (although shade-like), and the Paladin’s conal shield!

Here’s the timeline breakdown in case you want to skip to your favorite class: Red Mage 0:26 / Dragoon 1:11 / Dark Knight 1:52 / Bard 2:35 / Scholar 3:17 / Ninja 3:51 / Machinist 4:36 / Warrior 5:18 / Summoner 6:03 / White Mage 6:52 / Black Mage 7:38 / Astrologian 8:28 / Monk 9:07 / Samurai 9:47 / Paladin 10:33

Watch the video!

Are you already a player of FFXIV and is really hyped for the next expansion? Or are you just a passer-by curious about what the game is like? Thinking of playing, then? Just comment your thoughts down below!

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