[VIDEO] Mount Speed Upgrade: FFXIV Stormblood


In the recent Letter from the Producer XXXVI livestream, producer Yoshi P. showcased the speed upgrades the ground mounts will be having in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood.

He mentioned that instead of the single speed our current ground mounts has, said mounts will be having a total of 3 speeds. Knowing that we can’t fly in the old A Realm Reborn locations, traveling in that area can prove to be tedious. With this new upgrade, going to areas far from the aetherytes will be a cinch.

The speed upgrades won’t be given right off the bat, but will be needed to be ‘unlocked’. Doing the Main Scenario quests in the areas in question unlocks the second speed, but the third one remains a secret. Yoshi P. encourages us to play the game to figure it out.

The third speed is speculated to be as fast as the speed when flying with mounts.

What do you think? Is it alright for the speed upgrades to be gated? More so, to have the third speed a secret? Anyway, I’m looking forward to this update regardless! Just comment your thoughts down below!

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