It’s Here! McDonald’s Philippines’ Introduces Flavors of Japan!

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This is not a drill- I repeat, this is not a drill!

Japanese-themed menu items finally grace McDonald’s stores nationwide!

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What seemed to be the impossible, despite its obvious potential to be a local big hit, is now a reality! Dubbed the Flavors of Japan, you can now try food straight out of McDonald’s Japan- the Teriyaki Burger, Ebi Burger, Nori Fries and Strawberry Sakura McFloat. Note that this is for a limited time only (until supplies last).

Upon hearing of the wonderful news, I immediately logged in on my McDo PH app and ordered everything there is to try. Apparently, it’s a success as the delivery guy came almost two hours late due to the surge of orders that plagued the branch near us. Oh well. Nothing we can do about that. Totally understandable considering the situation.

But hey- here’s what we CAN do next: dissect and analyze the so-called Flavors of Japan.


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In my eyes, it looks like the Fillet-o-Fish made out with the seasonal McSpicy Burger and had a ‘shrimpy‘ offspring. Get it? No? Okay, never mind. In other words, it has a crunchy exterior like the McSpicy and a fluffy battered fried shrimp fillet on the inside.

Complimenting the patty are black sesame seed buns, lettuce and that sweet Japanese salad dressing.

Yes, it has real shrimps on it. For me, it hits the spot if you’re looking for a light meal. But between this and the Teriyaki Burger, I’d choose the latter. Just continue reading to find out why.

Conservative people who eat light and those who fall on the veggies and fishies segment of the foodie spectrum will love this. It’s a good alternative to the Fillet-o-Fish, replacement even! Can’t remember how many times my mom was given an old and ‘makunat’ Fillet-o-Fish when we ordered online. We had them replaced of course, but it’s become tedious on the nth time.


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It’s big, it’s juicy, it’s sweet and meaty as fcuk-  it’s the Samurai Teriyaki Burger!

Sporting meat cannons akin to the Quarter Pounder’s (just a little bit smaller, I think?), this badass burger is dipped in so much nectar-y soy glaze that you’d think you’re watching hentai with senpai!

It also comes with lettuce, mayo and black sesame seed buns similar to the Ebi Burger.

I find the Quarter Pounder to be a bit dry sometimes, especially if there’s no fries, ketchup or drink to pair it with, so the Teriyaki Burger fixes this issue for me due to the extravagance of the sauce.

Others may find the teriyaki sauce to be too much and overpowering, but it suits me just fine for a single meal. Nothing like a gulp of strong-spirited softdrinks to dispel that sweet and salty taste! *unhealthy burp

That said, you’re sure to find me eating the Teriyaki Burger every now and then until its projected demise this April.


I was a little disappointed with this, actually. Similar to their Truffle flavor, the Nori variant just tastes like another iteration of their Sour Cream powder.

I mean, there’s still that effort of adding that small hint of saline and distinct seaweed taste. Like, if they’re making it a different flavor altogether, maybe they could have done better? But I digress. I know nothing about what the company went through in terms of research, development, production and logistics so I may be in over my head.

Bottomline, it’s still Shake-Shake Fries and I’d still tap that.

P.S. Potato Corner pa rin mga ****!

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Ah, we’re down to the last one.

Not gonna beat around the bush here- it’s just Sprite soda mixed with strawberry (and cherry?) syrup, topped with a twirl of soft-served vanilla iced cream. You know, the usual.

Not that I was expecting anything big from it. It is what it is and there’s really nothing to love or hate about it in particular. If you like Sprite with a hint of strawberry like me, then cool.

The pink-petaled cup design does feel more Japan-y. It dramatically adds life to the festive Japanese theme they’re going for, so there’s that. Pair them with the special blue burger wrappers of the Flavors of Japan, and voila! It’s almost like you went to Japan to experience McDonald’s there.

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There! The picture above is what I ordered, but only half of each burger.

After all, I’m not so much of a heavy eater (ergo, I also need to lose weight lol!)

These are my thoughts, but it’s best to try them out yourself and form your own opinions. Better yet, do share them on the comment section down below so we can have a nice little chat about yummy food!


Here are photos of both burgers when I tried them in Japan last year. I’ll write an in-depth comparison between the Japanese and Filipino variants in a separate post so come back after awhile!

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