Important Notice: The Foodie Geek is Rebranding to Hungry Chad


Hey everyone! It’s been awhile, and I have some news.

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I would like to thank everyone who has supported The Foodie Geek, even by just visiting a couple of times, as just seeing even the slightest addition of viewers is enough motivation for me to keep writing about the things I like.

Right now, due to certain circumstances, and considering that this is the action I need to take to move forward, we are rebranding to a new name: Hungry Chad, which will be on

In accordance to the new web site, here are my new social media handles:

The new site has only a few articles on it, and I will be transferring not all, but only some of the most viewed, important and relevant articles here at TFG onto Hungry Chad.

Not to worry! I will still be writing and making videos about the same content I’ve been doing for years: games, anime, tech, gadgets, food, travel, music, guitars, Final Fantasy XIV and everything in between- even better ones in fact! So stay tuned. For now, I’d appreciate it if you visit my new site and get some traffic there so I can start monetizing again and get this new thing going.

Thank you, regards, and see you on my new site!

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