Godox Reemix 3-in-1 Remote Control Trigger Review


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Category: Multi-channeled Wireless Flash Trigger and Release Camera Shutter for DSLR
Price: P1,450
Bought at: Photozuela (House delivery via courier)

August 2014 –  my Reemix Flash Trigger and Softbox from Photozuela finally was delivered to my place, for free! Now here’s a quick review:

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Packaging and delivery: they chose LBC as the courier and they arrived safe and sound. I placed my order and paid via Smart Padala on a Saturday and got my items on Wednesday the following week.

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The Godox Reemix 3-in-1 Remote Control RMI cost 1,450 PHP and the Mini-Softbox for Speedlight, 490 PHP. Maining videography, I also wanted to expand my skills in photography since the equipment is already there. Nothing bad in exploring additional areas of opportunity!

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With the remote trigger, I can finally detach my external camera flash and put it on a stand with a reflective umbrella (or the softbox), giving me more versatility and options with regards to controlling light.

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My friends and I did a photoshoot a few weeks after I got the stuff, and it turned out fine. But yeah, we were all over the place though, and it took time for us to determine what kind of pose to do, how far should we put the subject from the background, and the light from the subject, where to position the light, what lens, aperture and ISO combination to use, etc. It was a stressful, but fun as well since we go to learn a lot of things!

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Here’s the full description of the flash trigger from Photozuela:

TRIGGER STUDIO STROBE: Connect Reemix with your studio flash to trigger synchronously. It has multiple channels that enable you to trigger more than one strobe at a time.

CONTROL FLASH SPEEDLIGHT: You can wirelessly control your off-camera flash gun.

RELEASE CAMERA SHUTTER: You can set your camera in correspondence mode.  It is possible to release your camera shutter in auto-focus, single and continuous shot, bulb and delay from a distance. It can be rotated from 0 ~ 90*and equips with umbrella holder. Different photo umbrellas can be installed on the receiver to achieve various lighting effect.

Check out their website at https://photozuela.com for their other products!

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