New Trailer for FFXIV: Daddy of Light! With Eng Subs

A new trailer for the upcoming Japanese Drama, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light, is out!

The story is about a son who wasn’t really able to connect with his father because as a kid, his dad was too busy with work. And it’s worse now because he’s also become a responsible working adult who lives away from home. And time is of the essence since his dad is already 60+ years old.

Knowing his dad as a devout gamer, he started the Father of Light Project where he would invite his dad to play the MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV and secretly help him out as a stranger. Then when they get close after lots of adventures, he would reveal himself as his son.

The series is based on a real-life story blogged  by a certain Maidy. I’ve read a couple of translations of his blog documenting the Father of Light Project, and I get why they made this a series. Pretty funny, heartfelt and downright perfect for a Japanese drama. I’ll be posting a link to the translations soon if you’re interested in knowing the story before the series drops on Netflix!

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