Entrepreneurship Talk at Marist School


After being invited to be one of the judges of English week’s film festival last December, I am now back again at my elementary-high school Alma mater, Marist, to attend as speaker for my then-teacher during T.H.E. week. This is also required for the school to fulfill a certain requirement from PAASCU- The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Maristtalk1 6410136 Photos c/o Mrs. Desiree Catalan and her co-teachers

Having graduated entrepreneurship as my college course at the University of Santo Tomas and now running Perfect Renders as my own, Ma’am Desiree wanted me to share my experience and insights upon taking such a career path. It’s good to hear that the school actually has an entrepreneurship subject already for year 7 students to take, but it’s not enough as the next year levels still don’t have it. I’m really thrilled that Marist will have more business, music and multimedia-related activities to inspire and give the students more opportunities in discovering the paths they want to take.

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It’s my first time presenting on-stage that’s heavily focused on myself and my business, and not about corporate services, internet marketing, band gigs, or whatever. It was fun! I for one agree that the youth today should be delegated with the entrepreneurship mindset as early as possible so they can set out a very fruitful journey of life later on. Having regrets of having too little options should be a thing of the past now.

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The talk went for around 30-40 minutes, including the showcasing of clips from my first high school video projects in English class vs. my latest onsite wedding videos. It was a bit nostalgic. I guess I’d want to use this opportunity to thank my high school teachers (Mrs. Penalosa, Mrs. Gorospe, Ms. Policarpio and Ms. Arceo, among others) for having us do video projects even though our technological resources were scarce- we still found a way because you required us to. ????

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