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Pork belly sisig: now that’s a term we don’t hear everyday, and it’s also what Concho’s Home of Sisig Goodness in Lilac Marikina considers to be their flagship dish. So what is it and how does it differ from regular sisig? For starters, just saying pork belly gives away the hint that it’s more meat and less fat. You’ll pretty much get your money’s worth with their belly-filling specialty!

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Directions: Check map above for reference. When in Lilac, you’ll see it directly in front of Rancho 1 Estate’s gate on the second floor of a building with a Metropole Laundry Shop below it. Really, it’s hard to miss with all the bright lights in the commercial areas about.

Their dining area is open without air-conditioning but well-cooled thaks to the wall and ceiling fans about. Perfect time to go here would be at dinner time be it for some food, booze or both. They can house about ten groups of four. Not to worry non-smokers, for the whole restaurant is a non-smoking zone. Smokers, however, can move in the adjacent area in the back if they want to have a puff or two.

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Despite the pictures looking a bit too minimalistic and maybe a little lacking in portion, don’t let it fool you. That’s what I thought at first as well but yeah, I stand corrected after consuming the meal- it was belly-filling indeed! Considering how I’ve been accustomed to being thrifty with meat, a second serving of rice was in order. I also liked very much their special spicy vinegar as its sourness and spiciness blends well with their sisig. The super meal comes with a glass of iced tea and dessert!

We also tried their Calamares– not bad! The honey mustard dip was a big plus. We wanted to try their Dynamite Rolls too but alas, they weren’t in stock at the time.

Anyway, here are the photos!

Conchos2 5778352 Conchos’s Sisig Super Meal – P165 (with drinks and dessert)

Conchos3 4167956

Conchos4 3054036 Calamares – P150

Conchos5 2911158 Dessert of the Day – Inclusive with Super Meal

Conchos6 3030570 Iced Tea – Inclusive with Super Meal

RATING: 7.8/10

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