Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort: The Itinerary Part 1

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For the past weeks, I’ve been mostly cooped up inside my room due to work, games and watching anime- and let’s not get started on how messed up my body clock has become because of them. In dire need of a getaway from the life of a shut-in, it was good timing my pals decided to go to Caliarya Mountain Lake Resort for a refresher! That, and a friend who manages the place also needed feedback on their services as they are fairly new despite being the largest among the resorts there. So yeah, here’s the gist of the trip!

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Our group met up at McDonald’s Filinvest along Marcos Hi-way around 8am and rode a shuttle we arranged especially for the occasion. There are four ways to go there:

1.) Antipolo Route – from Antipolo Church, make your way to E. Rodriguez Avenue along L. Sumulong Memorial Circle. Keep driving ahead and the main road will eventually change to Circumferential Road, Quezon Ave., Magsaysay Ave., J. Sumulong Road (Teresa), National Road, and then Manila East Road. Follow the path of Manila East Road until it becomes the National Highway. From there, it will be Lumban-Caliraya-Cavinti Road. From that point on, stay sharp and look for the big name of the resort on the sides.

2.) Taytay Route – Almost the same as the Antipolo route, only that you start at Ortigas Avenue Extension if you’re coming from around Cainta, Pasig, or Quezon City. Make a right turn to Manila East Road at the fork where going left will take you to Antipolo. At that point, just follow the Antipolo route accordingly.

3.) SLEX Route – “Take last exit to Calamba, turn right to Calamba Junction towards Los Banos all the way to Pagsanjan Church. Turn left passing through to Palacol Bridge going toward Barangay Bagong Silang and start ascend to Caliraya Lake.” (Source)

4.) Commute – “Take a ride at the Sta Cruz-bound bus of HM Transit on EDSA Cubao or Green Star on LRT/Taft Ave. The bus will go through South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and will exit at Calamba tollgate. Get off at the terminal in Pagsawitan, Sta. Cruz, Laguna then ride a jeepney with “Lumot” signboard. The Lumot-bound jeepney will take you directly to Lake Caliraya. (Source)


We took the Antipolo route and the entirety of the ride lasted around 3 hours. The only complain I’d have along the travel is that there were just too many continuous combos of twist and turns as well as ups and downs! It made me sick to my stomach, but thankfully we arrived before anything yucky happened. A companion mentioned the SLEX route may be more time consuming, but the travel is more comfortable. Maybe I’ll try that next time?

Upon arriving at the resort, we were immediately greeted with refreshments courtesy of our friend who works there. We roamed around as well as played billiards and darts in the Game Room as we waited for the others.

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The Residence consists of  the hotel rooms, spa area (massage, jacuzzi and sauna), La Cucina restaurant, Game Room, Karaoke Bar Lounge and the Pro Shop. We’ll get to the other areas later.

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Overlooking from the restaurant’s open area are Mt. Banahaw and a vast mass of lush green lands.

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First order of business: lunch of course! We can’t enjoy physical activities with an empty stomach, after all. Our group was taken to the indoor dining area of La Cucina where we were served with full set meals. Seats were really comfy, tables solid and sturdy, and the dishes and utensils were of high quality materials.

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Here are a couple of dishes we ordered from the menu:

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If you’d check other reviews for La Cocina, you’ll almost always find high praises for their dishes- and they’re right!  They have a celebrity chef that regularly posts videos on youtube. In fact, it would not surprise me if most of you know her! The video where Chef Carolyn recommends these Saucepans for making Caramel has gone close to viral and so it wouldn’t be a far stretch to imagine you have.
 Being able to personally eat their food, I can vouch for the goodness and tastiness of them all! At least the ones we ordered a.k.a. the photos of the dishes above. Both quality AND serving size are commendable. But who knows, there actually may be better dishes in their menu that we haven’t tried yet? Actually, yes, there are! Come dinner time I’ll show them to you.


With our bellies filled and bodies in for a quick rest, we were escorted to the lower floor of The Residence that houses the hotel rooms as well as the spa area. Five of us stayed in one Family Room– a room that consists of 2 double beds, 1 single bed, TV, small refrigerator, centralized air-conditioning with remote control and a bathroom separated into three areas: tub, toilet and wash area. I must say the beds were uber-soft!

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Caliraya Mountain Lake Resort: The Itinerary Part 1

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