Bonobo: Black Sands Album Review

Thanks to suggesting awesome underappreciated artists, I was able to know and love Bonobo. A British musician, producer and DJ that goes with the real name of Simon Green, he started his music career at age 23 and made his way to be one of the pioneers of the new downtempo genre- relaxing chillout music. Yes, DJs are widely known for their heart-pumping and active party songs, but I guess I prefer the ambient and quiet types more. It’s almost like post-rock minus the sad tearjerker riffs plus more groove and suave.

Bonobo Black Sands 6943624

He currently has released five albums as of 2013, but Black Sands (2010) is the first I was able to listen to. From then on this has ALWAYS been my playlist when I go on long bike rides. The songs just blend really well with the moving scenery and that minor struggle as you pedal. The feeling is just fulfilling.

Try this on for size when studying or working, it’ll help keep you going!

My favorite tracks? Everything in the album, actually. I always listen to if from start to finish. ????

Listen to a couple of tracks below!

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