Bacon Crispy Thins: Greenwich’s New Limited Edition Pizza!


Dough, tomato and cheese: these are the ingredients chosen to create your yummy pizza. But Greenwich purposely added extra ingredients to the concoction: by making it more Cheesified AND Baconized! and thus, the Bacon Crispy Thins was born!

1 11 7901647 Topped with BACON, ham, mushrooms, mozzarella and cream cheese. Starts at P220!

Being a pizza nut since I was a kid, I always loved my pizza smothered with crispy bacon and oozing melted mozzarella cheese. Ham and mushrooms? YES PLEASE. I believe Greenwich read my mind when they decided to release this limited edition flavor of theirs. Yep, you read it right: limited edition. Better try it out while you still can!

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With this new pizza flavor being relatively new, I wasn’t aware of it until a week ago. Well, when we got invited for a pizza party in their SM San Mateo branch! The event was to formally introduce the Crispy Bacon Thins, and for everyone to have a fun time with the management, staff, friends, the press, and of course us bloggers. Good times!

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The program consisted of games and a live acoustic performance by the band Happy Ending. I probably won’t recommend you to do a search of their name in Google though (if you know what I mean lol). The event was a joint venture by both SM San Mateo and Greenwich.

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5 9 7289234 Ms. Bench Lazona of Greenwich

I wasn’t able to take part in the games, but boy, did I enjoy watching them! For the main event: we have the pizza eating contest. The rules are simple: four groups of three will eat a box of freshly-cooked pizza. The first team to finish wins!

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Fortunately, Curious Lei was drafted to the bloggers team, along with Cristelle of Girl and Boy Thing and Rey of Lifestyle Bucket. Too bad they only finished at second place, with only a few seconds apart from the winning team. Good job nonetheless!

7 7 3567715

8 5 3260545 The winners got free pizza for a whole year!

Here are more pictures of that cheesy bacon goodness:

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10 7739805

For those who want it to be more belly-filling, the flavor also comes in thick-crust!

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Since you’re already at Greenwich, try these other yummy dishes on for size!

12 9593416 Lasagna Supreme – P80

13 5210835 Cheesy Bread Sticks w/ Dip – P39  (add-on) / P43 (ala carte)

14 3593338 Crunchy Chicken – (prices vary)

Oh, and don’t forget to visit Lei’s blog at Curious Lei! She’ll be writing about this too. ????

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Whew. Writing this article on a hungry stomach was painful. Welp, time to get some pizza!

When checking in and posting on your social media accounts, do include #BaconCrispyThins and #BaconEffect! Greenwich also delivers: dial 5-55-55 or just go to!

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