[VIDEO] Who Knew Final Fantasy Characters Could Be SO DARN CUTE

Let’s face it: Square Enix hasn’t been really doing all that well in the eyes of some these past years for both long time fans and new players alike. This is mostly due to the ‘questionable’ steps they’ve taken with regards to game development and pleasing the fans (hello FFXIII trilogy).

FFXIII was so linear and bland you might as well have just watched a 9-hour cutscene. Lightning Returns, well, was so stressful to play due to the time limit system, it took the fun out of playing RPGs. The only saving grace for me was FFXIII-2’s complicated time-travel hullabaloo- but even that was a negative for some.

Taking risks and venturing into the unexplored comes with the territory when we’re talking about success so I guess it’s just normal to give Square Enix a break or two. After all, they kind of already redeemed themselves with FFXIV and the upcoming FFXV. Even if the latter isn’t released yet, the movie, anime, trailers and preview gameplay videos already tells us what to expect. And expect great things we shall!

Add to that the recently released World of Final Fantasy and we really can’t help but love Square Enix more and more. Taking a fluffy approach using chibi forms of all our beloved characters, FFoF aims to captivate new players to the world of Final Fantasy. AND THESE CHIBI FORMS ARE SO DARN CUTE. Make them all dance and sing along a cute song and it’s gonna be lethal-cute. Here’s their non-spoiler ending credits dance scene!

P.S. Savor this moment as this may be the only time you’ll get to see the usually emo Cloud, brooding Squall and stoic Lightning smile, dance and along a choreographed pop song. 😂

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