[VIDEO] Dissidia Final Fantasy NT – TGS 2017 Gameplay Showcase

Here’s more gameplay footage of the upcoming Dissidia Final Fantasy NT featured at the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017! The game is looking pretty swell- it will be released early 2018 exclusively for the PS4.

In the video:

Round 1: Jecht, Squall, Tidus VS Cloud, Y’shtola, Sephiroth – 1:23
Round 2: Shantoto, Squall, Tidus VS Vaan, The Emperor, Garland – 6:01
Round 3: Ultimecia, Garland, Squall VS Warrior of Light, Y’shtola, Ramza – 11:50
Round 4: Warrior of Light, Ultimecia, Squalll VS Ace, Cloud, Jecht – 15:05
Round 5: Squall, Cecil, Warrior of Light VS Warrior of Light, Y’shtola, Sephiroth – 17:56

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