Shizen Ramen Review

70 Bayan-Bayanan Avenue, Marikina Heights, Marikina City

Mobile No. 0977 802 52 60

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-2:30pm, 4:30pm-9pm

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Heads up and watch out for some awesome shiz at Shizen Ramen! Newly opened nearby the foodie haven that is at Lilac, Marikina, experience your favorite Japanese cuisine with their original and authentic ramen variants conceived after an arduous journey in Japan by the owners themselves!

Shizen Ramen

Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen

Shizen Ramen actually started as a thesis of business students, and it turned out pretty well! Finding the place can be a bit tricky if it’s your first time and if you don’t have a map with you, I guess the good thing there is that it won’t always be as crowded as the other restaurants.

There’s a small space allotted for parking at the front, and there’s an open balcony-ish area you’ll pass through to before going in. Interiors are of minimalistic white design paired with the usual wooden Japanese setup. It’s a bit tight, but definitely cozy. Tables are of four and you can sit on the tall chairs in a line at the front.

Here’s what we had!

Shizen RamenChasyu Ramen – P179

Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen 

Not wanting to eat too much (as I still needed to bike my way back home), I opted for their Chasyu Ramen. Chasyu, oh yes, those melt-in-your-mouth pork strips we all so love in our ramen. Surprisingly, theirs was pretty solid! I was surprised because you’d usually get this quality at the more expensive ramen shops.

The noodles are just cooked right- not too soggy nor hard to break off. The broth and soup are creamy, and they just have the right amount of taste- not too strong so you can chow down the soup down to the last sip! And the egg, wakame and spring onion completes the dish to its intended perfection.

Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen 
The Beast Ramen – P229, Tokyo Ramen – P189, Yakuza Ramen – P189

Shizen Ramen Shizen Ramen
Gyoza – P80 (per  3 pcs.)

I’m no ramen connoisseur, so I usually base my assessment by comparing them versus all the other ramen I had before (which is a lot). Here at Shizen Ramen, they maintain the style and quality across all their ramen variants, and just change the key ingredients and amount served to cater to customers’ differing preferences. With prices for their yummy ramen with big serving ranging from a cheap 159 to an affordable 299 pesos, it would be a good call to visit Shizen Ramen when in Marikina.

Note: try contacting them first before visiting as I’ve had an experience before where they were closed on their supposed business hours.

Shizen RamenThe Foodie Geek and his food blogger friends!

RATING: 8/10

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