Sakamoto Desu Ga Review

Studio: Studio Deen
Publisher: Enterbrain
Genre: Comedy, School Life, Seinen, Slice of Life
Release: S1 (2016)

You’ve probably already seen that anime GIF recently making its rounds on social media where a student who was about to sit down gets his chair taken away by one of the bullies. But lo-and-behold, instead of him tumbling down the floor, he handled the situation with extreme finesse by still being able to sit without said chair! Well, that’s Sakamoto of Sakamoto Desu Ga, or Haven’t You Heard? I’m Sakamoto!

The show is pretty simple and straight to the point- with our popular protagonist Sakamoto supposedly being the epitome of coolness, it would be a given he’d be in strange and peculiar situations. Naturally, the girls would flock to him, and the boys, despise him. That said, the pilot episode shows how his male classmates are constantly plotting against him, but always ends up in failure as Sakamoto always handles the situation with perfection. Like so:

I’d hate to be the one to explain the jokes as it only spoils the punch line. But for the review’s sake, here goes: well, most of the ‘funny’ here in the anime is how gracefully exaggerated Sakamoto takes care of his average daily predicaments in life e.g. bullies, school work, chores, etc., so perfect that it’s pretty much impossible in real life. And because they’re impossible, it’s hard to predict what feat he’ll do next. The moment he does something you’d never expect, even in the level of Sakamoto, then that would be the one who’ll tickle your fancy.

The anime signature glamour effects, his adonis model poses, fan reactions, scenarios that defy the laws of physics in favor of the guy, and of course that jazzy Sakamoto theme song played in his moments of coolness, pushes the overall effect of his coolness altogether.

Everyone loves Sakamoto. Most of the time throughout the series, even the very people who plotted against him gets enchanted by him. To the point where even this delinquent who oh-so-hated him made him his mobile phone’s wallpaper. It’s hilarious.

It’s a good watch if you want something light and comical. Their style of delivering the funny would go on for the rest of the series but would also extend to other life circumstances e.g. episode 2’s preview introduces Aina, a heartthrob who takes advantage of the guys since everyone falls head over heels for her- except Sakamoto. She then makes it her mission to have Sakamoto fall in love with her through her sheer seductive prowess.

Would Sakamoto succumb? We already know he won’t. But what we want to see though, is how Aina gets shot down! Only one way to find out!

RATING: 7.6/10


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