[VIDEO] Red Mage Gameplay: FFXIV Stormblood

One of the upcoming new jobs in Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, the Red Mage, was expanded upon in the recent XXXVI Letter from the Producer livestream and we now get to see how it plays!

The Red Mage will revolve around the ‘chain spell’ mechanic, where upon executing a casting spell, the following spell used will not require casting anymore and will be instantaneous. The trick here will be using the spells with the shorter casting times, then instantly cast the ones with longer casting times.

You will also have a meter showing the black and white mana which needs to be balanced. The meter will fill up depending on the spells you use, and reaching a certain amount will allow you to use certain actions.

Watch the video!

Will you be playing Red Mage in the expansion? Or Samurai? Maybe retain your current job? The new Paladin and Summoner actions look nice as well. Just comment your thoughts down below!

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