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Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 2pm-11.30pm


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One of the rarest finds in today’s food scene are start-ups that possess innovation, quality and affordability- these are three important factors to consider to penetrate the already-saturated food market. It’s pretty hard to balance these factors (let alone have them in the first place), but you’ll see such good businesses sprout from time to time.

One such good business I recently was able to enjoy dining in was at PIPA House. A one-of-a-kind house of Italian-inspired cuisine, they offer gourmet style 14×11″ whole pizzas and scrumptious pastas for a very affordable 99 pesos! Here’s the gist.

UK Chef-turned-business owner Dondon Sabado from Kapitolyo (Pasig) expounded that rather than have their customers choose from a menu with items having varying prices (therefore limiting their choices based on their budget), he went on ahead to make all his main dishes cost the same (P99) so everyone will be free to order what they really want regardless of price! Making a menu for a restaurant with dishes having the same price yet using different ingredients, processes and costs is no small undertaking. But yes, they did it!

The modest prices are paired with interesting pop culture inspired-names such as PINEAPL.De.Ap, which is basically Hawaiian pizza, WHITEney Houston- white cheese pizza, and MANY Pacquiao- supreme pizza because it has ‘many’ toppings. You follow? Good!

So what makes PIPA different from the others? Chef Dondon boasts of his deep-fried, or more specifically, fried-crust pizza. There’s none commercially successful enough in the entire country offering this type of pizza, and he is hoping to be the first. A must-try!

When ordering your pizza, you can choose between fried-crust or thin-crust. I’d prefer you to order two pizzas and let them each have a different crust to get the best of both worlds. But if I were to choose, I’d go for the former as its crunchiness, combined with the cheese, tomato and special PIPA sauce, make the foodie experience one hell of a trip to pizza heaven!

You can’t go wrong here. P99 for a whole 14×11″ pizza? P99 for a big pasta plate? For just about P200 you can have a full meal equivalent to twice or thrice the price in other restaurants. I should also mention that 90% of the ingredients they use are home-made!

TOP PICK! Fried-crust MANY Pacquiao (Supreme) – P99

TOP PICK! PIPA Pasta – P99

Thin-crust WHITEney Houston (White Pizza) – P99

Fried-crust PINEAPL.De.Ap (Hawaiian) – P99

David BACHAM (Bacon and Ham Carbonara) – P99

Angelina JOILie (Pesto) – P99

Just P99 for each dish you see here!

Their desserts deserve to have a special mention- the NUTalie Portman and KIM Kardashian are pretty good! I’ve never eaten anything like them before. Kudos for PIPA House for coming up with these unique eats. The banana slices, Nutella and Choco-Nut bits on that very crunchy crust were gastronomically orgasmic- I could eat two or three of these in one go!

NUTalie Portman (Nutella Pizza w/ Banana or Mango) – P99

KIM Kardashian (3 Cookie Crust Pizza with Kisses, Ice Cream and Mallows) – P124

John LEMON (House Blend Iced Tea) – P22/Glass, P99/Pitcher

PIPA House x ChadSenga.com!

Overall, PIPA House is a nice destination for a hungry tummy looking for something affordable yet unique and with quality. People not familiar with Marikina may have a hard time finding it along the city’s inner streets, but it’s worth the adventure!

RATING: 8.4/10

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