Megawatt Review

41-A N. Domingo St. cor. Gilmore St., Brgy. Valencia, Quezon City

Tel No. 501 29 87
Mobile No. 0905 299 18 52

Business Hours: Mon-Sat 11am-9:30pm, Sun 9am-9:30pm

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You don’t see everyday restaurants being pro-active when in comes to energy conservation, but Megawatt does just that! With its concept centralized in being eco-friendly by relying on recyclables and solar panels for electricity, this unique foodie place offering scrumptious Tex-Mex cuisine makes the perfect foodie getaway!

Opening this 2016, Megawatt – Pizza. Chicken. Burrito. Is ready to serve the Quezon City-San Juan crowd an electrifying collaboration of Tex-Mex Cuisine, with a sure-fire recipe crafted to perfection by a group of friends and foodies who loves to eat, as much as cooking it.

There’s certainly are a lot of dishes to choose from here. They’re categorized as Warm-ups, Soup & Pasta, Burrito, Burgers & Sandwiches, Pizza, Chicken, Morning Rush, PowerUps, Beverages and Dessert- most of which are quite affordable considering the quality ingredients and big serving amount. Here’s what we had:

Burgers & Sandwiches

Crunchy Mushroom Melt – P295

Pulled Beef – P265, Crunchy Texas BBQ – P268, A.M.P. – P255

They may seem pricey at first, but their burgers are actually cheap considering all patties are made of half-pound Angus beef. The Crunchy Mushroom Melt became my favorite due to the double patties, the breaded mozzarella square in the middle (no, it’s not hashed brown), fresh mushrooms, and yes, because BACON. A belly-buster like this is definitely worth the P300.


29karat Surf & Turf – P819

Roast Beef – P245, Pork Kimchi – P215

Vegan Pesto – P185, Breakfast Longganisa – P208

A not-so-ordinary set of burrito variants, if I may. It was weird thinking how they would taste at first (especially the Pork Kimchi and Vegan Pesto), but surprisingly, they taste exactly like what they’re named. What’s for certain though is that for just about P200, you get a HUGE quality burrito of your choice.

If you’re feeling a little like royalty, then you might want to try the P800 29karat Surf & Turf. Why so expensive? It’s filled with Meltique steak sprinked with edible gold cream, served with foie gras on the side!


Bleu Chicken Roadhouse – P365

Cheese Cheese Cheese – P315, Viva Fiesta – P345

Pineapple Express – P285, Pepperoni – P299

After you and your friends order your personal burritos or burgers to consume solo, you can order their pizzas for sharing. I recommend the Pepperoni, Cheese Cheese Cheese and Bleu Chicken Roadhouse.

Warm-Ups / Chicken / Pasta

Megawatt Platter – P285, Chick N’ Chips (6 pcs.) – P499

Nacho-Rizo – P158, Fried Lasagna – P178

They have a wide variety of appetizers to choose from as well. The Nacho-Rizo is a must-try whereas if you want have something different, go with their Fried Lasagna! I didn’t know the dish existed until I went here. Also, eat it while it’s freshly cooked! It gets a bit brittle after some time. Chick N’ Chips is okay, but if you want variety, go with the Megawatt Platter- it has mozzarella tots, onion rings, chicken pops and fries.

Morning Rush

Chunky Angus Tapa – P268

Spicy Beef & Lamb Roll – P285, Fisherman’s Catch – P245

All-day breakfast is also served at Megawatt. Paired with garlic fried rice, two eggs of your choice and atsara, you can choose among the ff. as your ulam: Angus tapa, beef and lamb roll, or bangus belly.


Aside from the electricity conservation and renewable energy theme, they also sell collectibles and limited edition items. On top of that, the restaurant sits on top of a carwash so you dine while you wait.

Located at 41-A N. Domingo corner Valencia St. in the heart of horse-shoe village in Quezon City, bordering Robinsons Magnolia and in front of LG2 Carwash Station comes an electrifying eat-while-you-wash dining concept. Apart from having a uniquely themed restaurant, diners can feast their eyes with the wide array of limited edition toys, and memorabilia that will be showcased inside the dining area, where some of which can be bought by diners.

RATING: 8.6/10

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