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The first I’ve tried Masuki was after a basketball match way back in freshman college (yes, there was a point in my life where I played that sport despite being the shut-in haha). We were in Binondo at the time, and my Chinese classmates took us to the resto’s main branch which was just a block away. From that point on, it’s been a favorite ever since! I even took my friends and traveled all the way from Antipolo just for this.

Beef Chicken Asado (Special) – P220

Thankfully, there’s no need to travel to the Binondo branch anymore. I later found out they had branches in SM Megamall, San Juan and even in Mall of Asia. Since Megamall is the nearest, this would be my branch. For directions: it’s at the basement floor of Bldg. A beside the escalator near the connecting pathway to Bldg. B!

A boastful 85 years of existence since its humble beginnings in 1930 at Binondo (Manila’s Chinatown), Masuki was able to stay in business for this long due to it being consistent with regards to serving staple Cantonese food among the hungry residents of Metro Manila. People loved their food back then, and people love their food even now. You just can’t go wrong with giving people products and services being delicious, affordable, fast and accessible all at the same time! It’s a no brainer, but it’s definitely hard to pull-off. Well, Masuki did just that and it’s still going strong!

It’s quite underrated. We went to the Megamall branch at the supposed peak business hours (lunch and dinner) a couple of times now and we always were able to get a table (while we couldn’t at the more famous restaurants like Ippudo Ramen, Vikings, etc. which were overflowing with people). I guess it’s a good thing as since having Masuki as an underground hole-in-the-wall place makes the dining experience much more intimate and relaxed. Taking my friends here wasn’t a mistake as they all enjoyed the food too!

Their menu is quite simple: you just choose your toppings for your noodles, as well as whether it’s regular or special (large size.) They also serve dimsum, their well-known siopao and different variants of cold beverages. And YES, they have FREE house tea! For recommendations, I guess everything on the menu? The noodles are all the same- smoking hot and delicious! Just choose your topping of choice and you’re good.

Here’s what we ordered:

Original (Special) – P130

Wonton Mami (Regular) – P160

Wonton Chicken (Regular) – P175

The noodles look bland, you say? Fret not! This is before the magic happens. See the brown sauce (asado) on the small cup beside the noodle bowl? That’s Masuki’s secret ingredient! You pour it to the noodle bowl to taste. One cup will be given to you but it’s refillable and free.

Gah, just blogging about Masuki already made me hungry. And it’s raining here right now- the perfect time for a hot bowl of scrumptious noodles! I’ll be in Ortigas this week so I’ll definitely drop by here again.

Be sure to dine here as well! A total recommendation from me. 🙂

Pork Siomai – P35 per piece

Asado Siopao (Special) – P85

RATING: 8.6/10

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