Mama Chit’s Coffee House Review


Telephone No. 646 85 47

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 9:30am-9:30pm


Menu (From Zomato)

I didn’t write about Mama Chit’s before because it’s a given already that every Marikeño knows about it, but I guess people from outside the city have yet to be advised. This is one of the REALLY must-go-to places when visiting Marikina so here we go- get your tummies ready for this awesome American-Italian resto-cafe!

Cheeseburger with Chips & Dip – 150 PHP

To help you find your way there, we’ll start as if we’re coming from Masinag Market in Antipolo. Just stride along the roads of Sumulong Hi-way until you pass by Marikina Sports Center. Then make a left turn to Shoe Avenue. Next, make a right to V. Gomez st. after Marikina Elementary School but before Teatro Marikina. Lastly, make a left to J.P. Rizal st. just after Our Lady of the Abandoned Church, or what is known by everyone as OLA. You’ll see Mama Chit’s on the left beside John Wilkes Bike Shop.

Before commending their food, I’d also like to emphasize how awesomely designed their interior is. They were going for the 1950’s Classical American look, and they pulled it off. On the walls and shelves you’ll see ad designs of late, as well as other oldies paraphernalia that add to that 50’s feel- classic posters, antique clocks, rotary dial telephones, vintage lamps, jars, and more! It’s a blast from the past in there.

Home of the biggest collection of Coke Memorabilia in Marikina!

Now for the main course! At Mama Chit’s, the wonderful interior also comes with equally or even more awesome foodie choices! And their bestsellers include the ff.: Cheeseburger with Chips and Dip (first photo above), Mama Chit’s Spaghetti and the uber-delicious favorite, the Pepper Steak Sandwich! There’s also the very rare Mr. Pepper and A&W Root Beer to help you wash down those goodies. Crap, I’m getting hungry just by writing this article. Haha. Anyway, the food here is spot on! The prices? Medium level but pretty reasonable. This is one of the places you have to try out AT LEAST once.

So, was I able to get you pumped up and hungry? Be sure to drop by at Mama Chit’s when time permits! I can vouch for your pleasurable stay there. 🙂

Here are a couple more photos:

Pepper Steak Sandwich – 120 PHP

Mama Chit’s Spaghetti – 110 PHP

Mojos – 75 PHP

Watermelon Shake – 80 PHP

Dr. Pepper – 35 PHP, A&W Root Beer – 45 PHP

RATING: 8/10

Serving Size

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