Listen to FFXIV: Stormblood OST

Hey everyone! Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood is officially out and to celebrate, I made an unofficial OST playlist using in-game footage with the new songs. Masayoshi Soken did a great job once again as his songs significantly enhance the audience’s immersion to the war and oppression themes of the expansion.

To view the entire playlist, click the bars on the top-left corner of the video to select your song. Note that these are not the official song names (save for a couple), and that they are not of the highest quality. That said, be sure to buy the official release once the OST comes out!

Note: I’ll be adding more as new songs come out. Subscribe to my YouTube channel for the latest!

List of Songs:

4.0 Base Game

1.) Title Screen
2.) Gyr Abania Town
3.) The Fringes (Day)
4.) The Fringes (Night)
5.) Stormblood Battle Theme
6.) Stormblood Quest Accepted / Completed
7.) The Resistance
8.) The Peaks (Day)
9.) The Peaks (Night)
10.) Garlemald Hymn
11.) Rhalgr’s Reach (Day)
12.) Rhalgr’s Reach (Night)
13.) Rhalgr’s Reach (Repose)
14.) Sirensong Sea Dungeon
15.) Stormblood Boss Battle Theme
16.) Kugane (Day)
17.) Kugane (Night)
18.) Othard (Town)
19.) Othard (Sanctuary)
20.) Diving with the Kojin
21.) The Ruby Sea (Day)
22.) The Ruby Sea (Night)
23.) Resolve
24.) The Isle of Zekki (Red Kojin)
25.) Susano Theme (Part 1)
26.) Susano Theme (Part 2)
27.) Susano Theme (Part 3)
28.) Yanxia (Day)
29.) Yanxia (Night)
30.) Shisui of the Violet Tides Dungeon
31.) Azim Steppe (Day)
32.) Azim Steppe (Night)
33.) Bardam’s Mettle Dungeon
34.) House of the Fierce
35.) Doma Castle Dungeon
36.) Doman Enclave (FFVI Cyan Theme)
37.) Castrum Abania Dungeon
38.) Lakshmi Theme (Beauty’s Wicked Wiles)
39.) The Lochs (Day)
40.) The Lochs (Night)
41.) Ala Mhigo Dungeon
42.) Shinryu Final Boss Theme (Part 1)
43.) Shinryu Final Boss Theme (Part 2)
44.) FF Prelude Stormblood Version (Ending Spoilers)
45.) Ala Mhigan Theme (Ending Spoilers)
46.) Temple of the Fist Dungeon
47.) Kugane Castle Dungeon
48.) Omega Theme (The Interdimensional Rift)
49.) Omega Deltascape V1-3 (FFV Boss Battle Theme)
50.) Omega Deltascape V4 (FFV Exdeath Theme)
51.) The Lost Canals of Uznair (Also PVP Duel and POTD)
52.) Omega Deltascape V4S (FFV Neo Exdeath Theme)

4.1 The Legend Returns

53.) Ivalice: Protagonist’s Theme
54.) Ivalice: The Prima Vista
55.) Ivalice: Ramza and Alma
56.) Ivalice: Outside Rabanastre
57.) Ivalice: Conniving Bangaa
58.) Ivalice: The Royal City of Rabanastre
59.) Ivalice: Raid Regular Boss
60.) Ivalice: Raid Final Boss
61.) Good Tidings
62.) Arenvald’s Past
63.) The Drowned City of Skalla Dungeon
64.) The Far Eastern Land
65.) Tamamizu (Blue Kojin Beast Tribe)
66.) A Sad Eastern Tale

4.2 Rise of a New Sun

67.) Hell’s Lid Dungeon
68.) Fractal Continuum (Hard) Dungeon
69.) Byakko (The Jade Stoa) Part 1
70.) Byakko (The Jade Stoa) Part 2
71.) Byakko (The Jade Stoa) Part 3
72.) Sigmascape V1-3 (FFVI Decisive Battle)
73.) Sigmascape V4 (Kefka Theme / Dancing Mad)

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