Liempo Boholano Review


Note: This review is for their Sumulong Hiway, Antipolo branch before it closed.

Whenever the people in our house don’t feel like cooking for either lunch or dinner, we’d take-out food from local commercial establishments in the area- usually along Marcos and Sumulong hi-way like King Bee, Yang Chow, Suba’s, Chooks-to-go, etc. and now newly added to that list is Liempo Boholano!

Two branches just popped out of nowhere near our place a few months ago, one in Antipolo-Marikina’s Soliven St. just beside Tamagoya, and another in Sumulong hi-way going up to Antipolo, right in front of Anix’s House of Kare-Kare. It’s just take-out though, and liempo and atsara are the only stuff they sell.

Selling for 160 PHP a piece, chopped or not, it definitely has its own unique and mouth-watering taste compared to that of my other favorite, Chooks-To-Go. To comparatively describe it, I’d say Liempo Boholano has an all-natural taste of liempo cooked just the way it should be with the right amount of spices and seasoning, while Chooks has that artificial-ish sweetness that won’t have you needing for vinegar or soy sauce, yet is equally satisfying nonetheless. Weird though that they have zero online presence so I can’t research much about them.

RATING: 7.8/10

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