Level E Review

Studio: Studio Pierrot, David Production
Publisher: Shueisha
Genre: Comedy, Sci-Fi, Adventure, Shounen
Release: S1 (2011)

I came across the not-so-famous Level E on Twitter when a friend described it as a must-watch. Having nothing else to do, I decided to check it out. He said it was funny, but I believe that to be an understatement- it’s insanely hilarious! The show is a bit misleading as it starts on a serious note a la The X Files for three episodes, then crashes everything you believed the show to be about down the ground afterwards. I just love how the suspense and serious atmosphere would build up dramatically, only to be used as a catalyst for the unexpected hilarity to come. Here’s the gist!

The anime is introduced with the ff. narration:

“Presently, there are hundreds of alien species coming and going, living their lives on Earth. Species that come in peace, aggressive, warlike species, species on the brink of extinction, all kinds of alien species from the level of international intrigue to individual crimes, to research, with a kaleidoscope of different goals. They coexist with us and maintain a precarious balance. And the only ones who don’t realize this…are us humans!”

Plot: It all starts with high school freshman Yukitaka Tsutsui, moving in from the city to the province of Yamagata as he was drafted to play for a baseball team there. Upon arriving at his apartment, he finds a blonde and long-haired guy drinking coffee whilst reading a book. And wearing his clothes at that.

The blonde dude abruptly tells Tsutsui he’s an alien who lost his memories, and that his spaceship crashed nearby. Pissed at how the blonde can’t provide any proof that he’s an alien and why he completely looks human, Yukitaka tried to kick him out of his room numerous times- but to no avail. A lot of comical stuff transpired afterwards but in the end, Yukitaka decides to let him stay for one day just to get it over with.

The blonde alien now tries to find a way to restore his memories. Luckily, he was able to acquire a data pod previously collected by the government which supposedly can reveal his ‘true self.’ After nervously asking Yukitaka to view the pod together with him, a hideous creature is displayed on the screen and both are disgusted at what they see. The alien claims that that’s his true self, his name is Clive and that he can mimic things- implying that his blonde human form is just the effect of said mimic ability.

It turns out that that ugly alien isn’t his true form, but it’s his pet! And having that kind of pet defines his ‘true self’. How misleading lol. That really caught me off guard to which had me ended up bursting in laughter. The blonde alien’s real name is Baka Ki El Dogra, a prince from the planet Dogura. Sad to say that this funny scene is no coincidental mishap- this is actually Prince Baka in the works. He actually enjoys tormenting people by messing with them, letting them fall victim with his unmatched ingenuity. That said, expect a lot of witty antics like this form him throughout the rest of the series.

Contrary to what the anime portrayed at the start, Yukitaka is not the protagonist (obviously it’s Prince Baka), and he won’t be around until in a few of the latter episodes. Other characters would then be introduced whom the Prince would be delightfully tormenting through his various mind-boggling shenanigans.

RATING: 8/10


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