La Stanza’s Mongolian Buffet Review


Telephone No. 948 53 51

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-10pm


Just behind Marikina’s SDS Medical Center in Katipunan St. lies a pretty well-rounded events place called La Stanza Events Venue, and among its known amenities is their Mongolian buffet for 199 PHP!

Josh first introduced me to the place before a badminton game awhile back, and I’ve come back here a couple of times already. To get here, make your way to SDS Medical Center via Katipunan st., and make a turn to Pio Del Pilar st. and then J.M. Panganiban st. as if you’re going to the back of SDS. You won’t miss it! It’s a pretty big place and has all kinds of lighting on the building’s’s exterior, like so:

Just like any other Mongolian buffet place e.g. Hi-Rice Grill and Sweet Inspirations, it’s a do-it-yourself process where you get your ingredients into a bowl, and then give it to the waitress for the chef to cook it to Mongolian perfection. The taste will depend though on the mix you make, that’s why guidelines for the allocation of sauces will greet you as you approach the buffet table. Follow them to play it safe, and don’t if you have that much confidence in your cooking skills.

And here we have our first bowl:

Complimentary Soup of the Day and a single glass of Iced Tea are in order if you opt for the Mongolian Buffet.

After a few minutes, voila! Your masterpiece chow will be served to you, to be gobbled down with either fork and spoon or with chopsticks.

Since it’s an events place, you can stroll around the pool or the function halls while your food is being cooked.

The buffet ends at 10PM so if you’re tight on the time, you can prepare two bowls at once! Hot & Spicy with rice, tofu, onions, peanuts, lettuce, tomato, bean sprouts, chili oil, chili paste, teriyaki sauce, oyster sauce, lemon water, sesame oil, soy sauce, Szechuan sauce packed with loads of beef and squid really is the best!

They also have single order a la carte dishes should you opt for more food or if you don’t want the buffet.

RATING: 8.4/10

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