Kemonozume Review

Studio: Madhouse
Genre: Action, Horror, Romance, Supernatural
Release: S1 (2006)

Before we start, try this on for size! Get a taste of how Kemonozume rolls with this clip:

Literally meaningBeast Claw, Kemonozume is probably one of the shows I’ve come across that deals quite heavily on gore, sex and bodily mutilation paired with the usual conflicting recipes of love, lust and hate. The anime style direction they ended up with just indicates how messed up the story is. So if you like messed-up shit like this, then you’re in for a treat!

Plot: A long time ago, two lovers disobeyed the will of the Gods and were punished by being turned into evil spirits that could only survive on human flesh. Their descendants intermingled with humans while assuming human form, quietly living among them. A secret group called the Kifuken (Ogre-Sealing Sword) was established to stop these flesh eaters and their terror to mankind. Thus, the two groups continued to fight for generations.

Present day: the latest heir to the Kifuken and one of their most skilled swordsmen, Toshihiko Momota, dedicated his life to live and die by the sword- until he met Yuka Kamitsuki, who is actually a shokujinki (Flesh Eater). It was love at first sight, head over heels. A typical Romeo and Juliet-ish scenario taken to the extreme? Yes, but not quite.

While flesh eaters can assume human form anytime they like, they go berserk the moment they get too excited or aroused and just eat anyone who’s around. Hence, the few shokujinki understanding enough not to kill humans indiscriminately try to be mentally and emotionally alert the best they can. If they can’t hold back anymore, then…

Each time Toshihiko and Yuka have wild sex, they LITERALLY have wild sex. This is due to Yuka unable to contain herself from transforming so Toshihiko would be always make precautionary measures. On one episode, he even handcuffed her hands and legs to the metal bars of the bed so that he could go on pleasuring her uninterrupted. Guy has dedication!

The main story would go on how Toshihiko and Yuka would resolve the millennia-long war between their clans (while having kinky gorey sex in between lol.) Other episodes would show the various interactions of other humans and beasts to have the audience more immersed in their chaotic and violent world- both extreme scenarios where beasts devour humans with no remorse, and those who fall in love and try the best they can to coexist.

The twisted animation style and types of music used are notable highlights in this anime. Gotta love those fast-paced jazz and blues music when the fighting and kinky scenes kick in!

RATING: 7/10


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