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Telephone No. 500 96 36
Mobile No. 0917 980 32 81

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 11am-11pm

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Say hello to Burrito Brothers‘ little brother, Kebab Brothers!

Having officially opened their doors to the hungry public last February 24, this humble Middle Eastern utopia can be found nearby it’s predecessor, Burrito Brothers, in Marikina. From the all-too-famous Lilac Street, make your way to Rainbow Street, go pass a few blocks, and you’ll find it on a commercial area while intersecting Azure Street on your right. The place is pretty bright and attention-catching at night so you won’t miss it!

Shawarma Rice – P135

The place can house around six to eight groups of four or six. Yes, while it can be cramped, such a characteristic of a restaurant also brings something good to the experience: more closeness and intimacy between the customers, cooks and owners. Well, that’s what I’ve experienced with Burrito Brothers- the staff remembers my name, and smiles every time I dine or make a take-out there. The owners are very approachable and they’d make conversations with you to make sure you are having a good time. That welcoming ambiance they provide is one of the reasons I keep making a comeback.

As for the food, they’re pretty good! Definitely a tasty stomach-filling bang for your buck, Middle Eastern Style. While they can’t be compared to the grandeur Kebab places like Mister Kebab, well, because they don’t cost as much, an affordable foodie place like them still has the kind of unique food and experience that will definitely make you dine there a second time, third, fourth, or more!

Hummus with Pita – P55 / Extra Pita – P15

Kebab Beef Steak – P160

Raspberry Iced Tea – P45

RATING: 7.8/10

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