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After a hard day’s work shooting a video for SMDC at Grass Residences, Ungri insisted we go have lunch at KALBOrger’s since besides him liking the food there very much, it was just only a few blocks away. It was exactly 12 noon time and the intense summer heat was almost unbearable, but hey, of course that didn’t stop us from going to an awesome foodie place with equally awesome foodie food!

Super Burger – P65

Among the 30+ branches it currently employs, we went to the one in Mindanao Ave. via tricycle from the entrance of Grass Residences (behind SM North.) The other nearest branches from our place in Antipolo would be at Concepcion, Marikina (in front of Jollibee) and Eastwood, Libis. Better check their Facebook page (linked above) to know the branch nearest to you! I hear they have a lot of branches up north.

Looking at the pictures, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty much your ordinary cheapo burger food stall a.k.a. Burger Machine, Angel’s Burger, etc. Well, it is, but they have some unique stuff up their sleeve that separate them from the rest: one would be their honey mustard-ish special sauce they incorporate with the burger, somewhat bigger patties, and lots of fresh veggies! Also, despite the day being hot as hell, their P12 bottled softdrinks have been charged below zero degrees prior to serving! It really takes the meal to another level with refreshments like that in a climate like ours.

Price list – varieties of their chicken and beef burgers

See how generous they are to fresh veggies? And that yellow honey mustard sauce!

Voila! Here’s our bellyfilling P77 meal consisting of the Super Beef Burger with a literally iced Sprite:

But wait, there’s more! Check out their Duper Burger patty:

Ungri and Japo just couldn’t handle the size haha

Sorry my thumb got in the way there haha

That bigass burger costs for P150 and would be good enough for four average people. Bottomline, it’s pretty much just the same as their other varieties, just bigger right? Yes, it is. But a burger that big, if compared to the other establishments’ smaller ones, it’s bound to be noticed! And that adds great value in terms of marketing and advertising. Smart move, eh?

Anyway, we had a fun time eating here at KALBOrger’s Mindanao Ave. despite the agonizing summer heat glaring at our backs. I’ll definitely come back for your Duper Burger glazed with that special sauce goodness!

RATING: 7.6/10

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