Ibanez ART120 Review and Test Drive

Category: Electric Guitar
Release: 2008
Price: P15,000
Bought at: Audiophile, Ali Mall (Cubao)

I present to you my latest weapon of choice in rockin’ the music world: the Ibanez ART120! It’s light and sexy yet can deliver very powerful and heavy tunes! Pretty much fits my taste of having a Les Paul-style guitar body, but at the same time it also possesses that distinct Ibanez tune I love so much.

It’s been four years since I bought this axe, and it hasn’t let me down since. Being light and compact made it easier for me to carry around when commuting- a luxury I couldn’t afford back then since all my lightweight guitars don’t pack that tonal punch I want. That said, I still resorted to the heavy-duty ones.

Here’s a video I made back then just for this occasion!

More videos on my YouTube channel here!

The cons encountered that need pointing out most would be feedback. Not sure if it’s the guitar or just the amp, but there have been cases on a number of gigs where feedback was just too much- even when using light distortion. I was able to rectify though by tweaking the settings between both the amp and my effects.

Also, although I said I loved the strong tone this axe has, it can also be a bummer at times- specifically when you want to play light and mellow songs. The LoZ active pickups are just too thick and strong. Though it can also be tweaked, it will be a hassle to constantly rework and revert the settings every time you change genres. Depending on your needs, it should generally be a measly trade-off vs. its other benefits.

To summarize it all, it’s not the best of the best, but it’s good enough to be part of your arsenal!

Color designs of the ART120:

Transparent Red Flat / Metalic Silver Sunburst / White / Black

Full details of the ART120:

Specifications for ART120
Name: ART120
Years: 2008-2011
Areas: Area 1 (Japan) / Area 3 (Europe, Western Asia, etc.) / Area 4 (China, Southeast Asia, etc.) / Area 6 (Central/South America)
Made in: China
Finishes: BK (Black) (2008-2011) / MSS (Metallic Silver Sunburst) (2009) / TRF (Transparent Red Flat) (2009-2011) / WH (White) (2008-2011)
Body material:
Mahogany with Bound Maple top
Neck joint:
Gibraltar III
Quik Change III
Hardware color:
Neck type:
Neck material:
Bound Rosewood
Pearl ART120 Special on 12th fret
22 / Medium
PU Config:
Neck PU:
Bridge PU:
2 Volume / 1 Tone / 3-Way Toggle


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