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Telephone No. 925 14 68

Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11am-10pm


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Healthy veggie or chicken patties, anyone? A branch of Good Burgers just opened along Lilac, Marikina! For those who haven’t heard about them yet, they already have a number of stores scattered around the metro already- five to be exact hailing at Quezon City, Pasig and Marikina. Here’s a quick review!

Better Veggie Bacon Mozza Melt – P130

Directions: It’s right in front of St. Paul of the Cross Church along Lilac Street, Marikina City. Check the map above for reference. For their other branches, check out their Zomato page here.

Having nothing better to do on a laid-back Valentine’s Day, I ventured out on my bike looking for a neat place to eat dinner at. Well, I was able to try their burger multiple times already in their other branches, but I was curious still. Apparently, quality is maintained with the other stores. They’re open everyday from 11:00am-10:00pm.

Parking is minimal (around 4 cars for the whole compound I think), but I guess you could park along the sidewalk for a quickie meal or just find one along the parallel streets like other people do. OR you could always bike your way there like me. Haha. The place is more take-out oriented so you only have about seven tables for two. It’s also open-area without air-conditioning so do plan carefully on when you’re gonna visit here. You might reconsider going there in an extremely hot summer day. They do have fans though so I guess that helps.

I ordered the Better Veggie Bacon Mozza Melt with Garlic Chili along with Cayenne Hot Wedges and a can of soda for a total of P190. It’s okay in terms of price and quality ratio: a good alternative among the many burger joints in the area. Burgers are fat, tasty and juicy despite not being beef, and the Pandesal-style buns add variation from the usual bread. Unfortunately though, I’d prefer Snack Shack more but you can always go here if you’re looking for something new (and healthier).

Here’s a funny story: I’m a big fan of hot and spicy food so I always choose to avail the spicy add-ons on any dish whenever possible, hence I ordered the extra Garlic Chili for an additional P15. Now I don’t know what sort of chili garlic they used here, but apparently it’s REALLY HOT even for my standards. To the point of having my eyes well-up and shed tears. So yeah- just imagine my easily misunderstood situation: a dude eating alone on Valentine’s night, crying. I actually thought of that at that moment so I laughed a little. By then I probably looked crazy to other people. Haha! I had a hard time eating the burger halfway so I just manned up for the rest.

In other news, it has a neighboring wooden crafts store that sometimes have people play live ethnic music in some nights using their instruments for sale. It made my night quite enjoyable and a unique experience.

Check out the amount of Garlic Chili they put for just P15!

Cayenne Hot Wedges – P45

Here’s their menu:

RATING: 7.8/10

Serving Size

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