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Whether they be your traditional delicacy crepes your sweet-tooth neighbor craves or the heavy meal type that aims to fill your hungry bellies to the brim, Crepeman Cafe has them all! Call me a shut-in who doesn’t go out much, but this is actually the first restaurant-tier crepe establishment I’ve tried, and it was great!

Directions: Lilac St. in Marikina City- still doesn’t ring a bell? Then you’ve got to go here, stat! It just means you’re missing a lot of awesome foodie places mostly only located here. And trust me, it’s worth the visit even if you live from the upper north or downward south. To get access there, the usual route is from Marcos Hiway to Sumulong Hiway (Marikina side), then turning right to Soliven st. (7-11 landmark) and eventually that street will be Lilac after the bridge, and voila! Check the map above for reference.

They also have a branch at Marikina’s Concepcion and Quezon City’s Maginhawa St. (among others), and they’re probably on their way to opening more branches soon. Let’s go back to the Lilac branch: the space is adequate for catering to around eight groups of two to three people. Two are stationed outside for smokers while the rest are indoors. Parking space in front of the store can be a bit cramped but you can always park along the neighboring streets.

As I took pictures around while waiting for our orders, I noticed that they prepare the crepes near the counter itself for everyone to see! That pretty much eliminates impending doubts of paranoia where people would imagine getting weird stuff on their food lol. It was neat to watch how they’re professionally made- it’s like a science of its own!

After a few minutes, we were given our orders of giant crepes delicately placed on metal stands that humbly patronized the Crepeman logo. I ordered the Philly’s Cheesesteak for P100 while Jiandra had the Mango Nabana, also P100, since she wasn’t all that hungry at the time. By the way, you can request your crepes to be extra spicy if you want to! Though I doubt you’d be wanting that on your dessert-type crepes. :p

Besides crepes, they also offer coffee, flavored iced tea, smoothies, milkshakes, milk tea, and coolers.

A close inspection of the crepes from the outside in? Here you go!

  Philly’s Cheesesteak (extra spicy) – P100

Mango Nabana – P100

The Verdict: Not too sure how to rate this place as a crepe restaurant, but the first thing I noticed on the first  few bites on my Philly’s Cheesesteak was that they were all crepes with no fillings- not sure if that’s normal. It gets better though. I literally smiled ’cause it was delicious when I reached the parts with the fillings.

Man-tears, too, since I seem to have been overconfident in making it extra spicy. Jiandra even had to rush to the counter to get me a glass of water. :)) T’was a bittersweet experience of meat and heat- and I’d dare do it again the next time! Hopefully I’ll be more up to the task by then.

Jiandra’s Mango Nabana was different though- if you check again the first photo in this post, hers was already brimming with sweet fillings! It being a dessert-type crepe may be the reason though. I wasn’t able to try it personally, but she says she’d totally recommend it. Will probably try it, too, soon!

RATING: 8/10

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