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Telephone No. 218 02 56 | 357 81 31
Mobile No. 0916 295 66 26 | 0906 289 42 22

Business Hours: Thur-Tues 1pm-11pm


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Even after two years, the foodie establishment boom at Lilac Marikina is still going strong! New commercial areas have been built along the street’s empty lots bearing the name of boutique restaurants and cafes, and among them is the sweet and fun Cookie Mug where you get to eat the mug while drinking from it.

Directions: To those familiar with the place, it’s right beside that small bridge that connects Antipolo’s Soliven to Marikina’s Lilac. And to those not familiar, make your way to Marikina Heights via Marcos Hiway then Sumulong Hiway. See map above for reference.

#116 Lilac St., a commercial building

Cookie Mug is located at the 2nd floor above the now-closed East Harbor

I first heard news about the place when my fellow foodie and gamer friend Chepot posted photos about her visit here. And yes, the eye candy and hype are pretty legit- it’s definitely something new in Marikina, let alone even in Metro Manila. I mean, you just don’t go eating milk-filled mugs anywhere, right?

For an average price of P100-200, you choose your preferred mug among a variety of sorts, it’s size (small, medium, large), and what kind of glass-bottled drink you would have with it: milk, caramel milk or chocolate. If you’re decently hungry wanting a snack, I suggest you buy the medium one since it’s already pretty belly-filling by itself.

Medium Cookie Mug w/ Milk – P108

Besides their cookie mug and drink combo, they also offer sweet and bitter options: hot and cold drinks such as Milk Tea, Chocolate, Smoothies, Brewed Coffee, Espresso, Frappes, Organic Tea, Flavored Tea, and a wide variety of pastries to choose from. Those combined with the artsy interior, it’s a nice hangout place.

Appocado Smoothie (Apple and avocado) – P120

Crinkles Cookie – P26

The Verdict: Nice to try out since it’s new, and it’s hip- something you’d want to experience with your friends and have fun at the same time. Taste I guess is something one would expect- cookies and milk. Period. Not sure about the others since I haven’t tried them yet. But if I have to say anything about what they offer, is that they’re affordable with good quality! You won’t see pastries here priced like those in Starbucks.

The place is cozy but small although it’s never crowded on the few times I’ve been here so it’s all good. Parking is a bit lacking but since it’s Lilac we’re talking about here, there are plenty of other options where you can park your car. Just don’t go here when rain is imminent because it floods easily in this part of the city. They also have good wifi reception and power outlets ready for you to camp your devices on.

Overall, I’ll give it a thumbs up! Here’s their menu portrayed in beautiful Rembrandt-style lighting:

Here’s a photo of the gang when we visited the place:

As always, happy eating, everyone! 🙂

RATING: 8/10

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