Biaños Pizza Review

J King Bldg., J. Luna cor. Guibilondo, Cebu City
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Tel No. (032) 233 10 89

Business Hours: Everyday, 24/7

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Five years ago, when I stayed in Cebu for work, I usually spent my midnights watching anime and munching on whatever food I could get my hands on. Sadly, there weren’t any fastfood chains open at such times in the city- all except for a branch of Biaños Pizza right around the block from where I stayed. And thank God! Their pizzas were more than enough even after eating their food day after day. Price and taste ratio is a thumbs up!

9″ American (Pepperoni & Cheese) – P95

And just recently, a branch of Biaños has opened here in Marikina, of all places! It’s currently the one active branch in the entirety of Luzon since most of their branches are scattered along Visayas and Mindanao. I say Biaños is a must-try exactly because it originated in the Visayas. If you’ve been to the likes of Cebu and had your food adventures there- you would be aware that the various small and humble pizza establishments unique only to their place, which Biaños is also a part of, serve really good (and cheap) pizza!

Sad to say that the prices here in Manila are different than those in Visayas. To compare, the former has pizzas with the sizes of 6″, 9″, and 11″ while the latter has only Regular and Medium. Also, an 11″ Hungarian Sausage Pizza costs P135, while a Medium one costs P155. The branch in Manila also has fewer menu choices.

One thing to take note of: the creamy mozzarella cheese is almost twice as thick as the pizza crust, so thinking that this is just bread topped with some cheese and tomato ketchup is totally out of the question. It’s been awhile since I ate here, so I hope they’ve maintained their quality of taste. That said, when you’re dropping by not just in Marikina but also Cebu or Mindanao, be sure to dine at Biaño’s Homemade Pizza!

RATING: 7/10

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