Bellini’s Review


Telephone No. 913 25 50

Business Hours: Mon-Sun, 10am-10pm


Menu (From Zomato)

Ah, Bellini’s– that restaurant where Basha and Popoy spent timeless moments hanging out with their friends in the most-acclaimed romcom drama Pinoy movie “One More Chance”. We finally had a chance to dine here!

It’s located along the widely hipster-known place in Quezon City, ‘Cubao Expo‘ and pretty much every college student who likes to drink, hang out and listen to non-mainstream music knows where it’s at. If you’re not one of that bunch, you can make your way to Gateway, Cubao and then to Gen. Romulo Ave. near Puregold and the bus terminal. Check out the map above for more details!

Just a step inside this Italian-authentic restaurant transports you from the busy streets of Quezon City to an intimate corner of fine-dining finesse. The fancy interiors depicting that Italian flavor and the bubbly foreign owner, who also talked to us, probably helped bring that feel. The menu is in Italian, but the description in mini-text below would guide you on what the dishes mean. Ringing the bell set on your table would have the waitress immediately come to you to assist you.

Dining here was somewhat expensive for me, but I guess these prices would grant you a step closer to ‘real’ Italian cuisine, and that ‘date place feel’ of course. I even spotted a friend’s younger sister on a date here on the day we visited. Who? Well, she told me not to tell her brother haha.

Anyway, here are what we had:

Penne ala Arrabiata – 260 PHP

Maremonti – 300 PHP

Pasta 3 Colorealla Rustica – 280 PHP

Quattriza Pizza (Large) – 610 PHP

One thing’s for sure: they taste different from your usual local Italian-serving foodie places. I don’t know if it’s the kind of cheese, tomato sauce, or other ingredients used, but they’re different in a good and tasty way- a kind of foreign deliciousness one must experience at least once.

Initially, I thought the amount of pasta per serving was too little. Surprisingly though, I was full before I even got to finish my second serving of pizza after eating the pasta. Just don’t let the serving amount fool you. To end the meal, we were given a shot of complimentary dessert wine, which was tasty! It was like caramel. Only with alcohol lol. Do try this place out with a loved one for that pseudo-Italian-authentic super date!

Dessert Wine – Complimentary

RATING: 8.2/10

Serving Size

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