7 Flavors Buffet Review

196 A. Mabini Street, Addition Hills, San Juan City

Tel No. 721 06 53
Mobile No. 0917 670 02 91

Business Hours: Everyday 7am-10pm, Buffet at 11:00am-2:30pm, 5:30pm-10:00pm


Enter 7 Flavors buffet and a la carte restaurant! Known as a fresh and casual dining spot nestled within the lush urban confines of San Juan, it’s quite the foodie’s haven offering a ton of yummy selections to choose from, more than THIRTY in fact, at a very affordable price!

7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors

Co-managed by the local culinary heavyweight Chef Boy ‘Kusina Master’ Logro, 7 Flavors boasts of its ‘World Fusion Buffet’ through its two-storey building that can simultaneously house both walk-in patrons and multiple private gatherings alike. The ambiance of the interiors somewhat emanate a refined feel, proposing that a semi-formal attire is in order. A receptionist will greet you at the entrance and will guide you to the buffet area. Once there, you can look forward to the Kusina Master’s unique take on various Filipino favorites!

The prices for their buffet are as follows:

Mondays to Thursdays
Lunch – P400, Dinner – P500

Fridays to Sundays and Holidays
Lunch and Dinner – P600

They also have an a la carte menu, but that’s not really why we’re here today.

Here’s mostly what they have in store for you:


7 flavors 7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors

Their appetizers range from different kinds of salads to bread with butter, fruits, soup, pizza and more! My favorites here would be the Kani Salad (crab sticks), tacos and egg drop soup. I wasn’t able to try much of the selection here as my hungry tummy was already eyeing the main dishes.

Main Dishes

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors
Fried Chicken, Roasted Chicken, Gratin Mix Vegetable

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors
Spicy Salmon Head, Seafood Salpicao, Chicken Maryland

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors
Beef Curry w/ Butter Nut Squash, Tofu Sisig, Salisbury Steak w/ Mushroom Gravy

7 flavors7 flavors 7 flavors
Japanese Sushi, Salmon Sashimi, Roast Beef

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors
Pancit Canton, Fried Rice, White Rice

On to the main event! I took a small portion of each so I could have a taste of everything. All of them are new and made straight from the kitchen so you can pretty much look forward on having a freshly-cooked meal! Most are pretty good, even for my not-so-favorite Gratin Mix Vegetable and Chicken Maryland.

What caught my taste buds and immediately became my favorites would be the very savory Tofu Sisig, melt-in-your-mouth Seafood Salpicao (even the squid!) and the tasty Beef Curry with a Butter Nut Squash twist. The Salisbury Steak was also a top contender due to its soft texture and yummy Mushroom Gravy. The Sushi was on the generic side, so it was just so-so. The Salmon Sashimi lies in their secret menu so you have to ask for it first from the servers. The plate I got though wasn’t probably their best, as it felt like it needed a little more thawing. Pair these dishes up with some Pancit and rice, and you’re off to a very hearty meal!

Drinks & Desserts

7 flavors 7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors

7 flavors 7 flavors 7 flavors

Of course a buffet won’t be what it is without one’s favorite drinks and desserts. The ice cold Blue Lemonade was the perfect partner for the main course- I had like four glasses lol. And even though they don’t have much of a selection for desserts, I was still thrilled to try them out! The presentation was good, they look yummy, they taste yummy, and that’s all that matters. A bit of their Halo-Halo, Chocolate Ice Cream, Carrot Cake, Rum Balls, Turon and Maja Blanca made my visit to 7 Flavors come to a full circle.


Basing from their price and my review of their buffet dishes, coming here for a weekday lunch would certainly be a great bang for your buck! But on a weekend visit? Not so much- with P600, I just can’t help but think of visiting the higher-tier buffet restaurants instead. With the semi-formal ambience, space and ample parking 7 Flavors has, it’s a great place to celebrate parties and such. The food is good, and their unique dishes like the Tofu Sisig and Seafood Salpicao would probably be what I’d be coming back here for.

RATING: 8.4/10

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